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Track Inforamtion Like:

  • Name
  • Primary Tag
  • Secondary Tag
  • Sex
  • Status
  • Breed
  • Birth Type
  • Sire
  • Dam
  • Weight
  • Birth Date
  • Acquired Date
  • Wean Date
  • Removal Date
  • Removal Reason
  • Barn Location
  • Pen Location
  • Photo
  • Description
  • OffSpring
  • Logs
  • Reminders
  • Genealogy
  • And More

Sheep Tracker is aimed at streamlining current record systems, and allows user to store, modify, and report on all sheep and flock management information quickly and easily. Learn more about a few of Sheep Trackers great features.

Easy Interface

Sheep Tracker -Clean & Simple InterfaceUnlike other software solutions that contain tons of buttons and cluttered interfaces, Sheep Tracker was designed & developed with the user in mind. Its simple and intuitively designed user interface ensures that all generations of farmers will find Sheep Tracker a real breeze to use.

No internet, No Problem.

No internet, No Problem.Unlike other software solutions Sheep Tracker isn’t totally reliant on having an internet connection to run. Sheep Tracker only requires an internet connection for the registration and activation process, after this you’re up and running weather your connected or not.

Quick Search

Quick SearchManage and modify information easily with Sheep Tracker’s quick search feature. Why spend time flipping though page after page of records when Sheep Tracker can access them in just seconds. Simply start typing in the animals primary tag number or name and Quick Search will take over narrowing down your selection, allowing you to access and modify animal’s records faster then ever.

Generate Reports

ReportingSheep Tracker allows users to easy generate reports on all stored information. Really understanding your flock is the best way to increase productivity, health, and profits. Sheep Tracker’s Reporting tool allows you to manage your flock not only day to day but long term as well.

Bulk Update

Sheep Tracker’s Bulk Update allows you to easily modify multiple sheep records at once, saving you time and allowing for your flocks information to be easily managed.

Age Calculator

Tired of figuring out how old a animal is? With Sheep Tracker’s Age Calculator simply enter in the animal birthdate once, and Sheep Tracker with keep track of the rest. Age Calculator also works directly with Weights.


Enter and track unlimited number of weight records per animal. Weight records work directly with Age Calculator as well by simply selecting the date the weigh-in took place, the animal’s age will be automatically calculated and stored. It doesn’t matter if the weight was at 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years Sheep Tracker has you covered.


Tomorrow, next month, next year, Sheep Tracker has you covered with Reminders. Easily create general or animal specific detailed reminders, set the reminder date and let Sheep Tracker notify you when the time comes. Edit reminders anytime and postpone them to a later date if you have to. Sheep Tracker also stores all of your old reminders too.

Custom Fields & Defaults

Whether its an active breeder or a lam for market Sheep Tracker is flexible and puts the power in your hands with Custom Fields. Sheep Tracker lets you create an unlimited amount of customized names for Animal Status, Breeds, Pens, and Barns, allowing you to manage your flock the way you’d like. Best of all these custom fields also have a time saving default option. Set your default fields, and new records will have these options selected by default.


Create and edit an unlimited amount of detailed logs for each animal.

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