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Sheep Tracker is a flock, sheep, lamb management software solution. Shepherds, and farmers alike now have the ability to create, store, track, modify, and search sheep records, lamb records, and entire flock records. Sheep Tracker is the most affordable and economical management software available for flocks, lambs, sheep, ewes, rams, wool, and meat breeders. Suitable for flocks of any size and Shepherds/farmers of any age. Sheep Tracker truly is easy to use software. With Sheep Tracker managing your flock records has never been faster or easier.

Track Information Like: Name, Primary Tag, Secondary Tag, Sex, Status, Breed, Birth Type, Sire, Dam, Weight, Birth Date, Acquired Date, Wean Date, Removal Date, Removal Reason, Barn Location, Pen Location, Photo, Description, OffSpring, Logs, Reminders, Genealogy, And More. Simplify and improve on your livestock traceability.

  • Streamline your Record System! Sheep Tracker can increase productivity, profits, and animal health all by keeping better records of your flock.
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Sheep Tracker is a desktop database application designed to track and manage detailed records of your flock. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms Sheep Tracker is incredibly flexible, affordable, and easy to use.

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